Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Midway between Huckleberry Finn and Holden Caulfield, Danny Murrow confronts coming of age in the early days of the jazz era. From battered street-waif to celebrated guitar savant our hero endures and abides in “The Man,” newly released by Steve Gillette and Compass Rose Music.

Assisted by a miraculous aggregation of masterful musicians on some newly-roasted chestnuts and a handful of inspired originals, the CD draws from the realms of roots-jazz, folk, and blues; romance and boogie woogie in a time of prohibition.

Reviews are starting to come in words like, “Inspired!,” “Amazing!,” “Five out of Five Stars!” but enough of that, take a listen and see for yourself.

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Listen to the first 4 tracks by clicking on the track titles:

1. Conversion on 13th Avenue

In this first track we meet our hero, Danny Murrow and hear a little bit about his world.  Danny is lucky to be adopted by a musical family . . .

2. St. Louis Blues – Jada

Danny comes out of his shell and discovers the guitar.

3. Cordovan Blues

The boys meet Samuel Clemens.

4. Johnny and Betty

Johnny falls in love.


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